How many calories does swimming burn in an hour?


According to SheKnows, a person at about 150 pounds will burn over 400 calories every hour swimming at a moderate pace. It is about the same amount of calories a person would burn during an hour long brisk walk.

Swimming is a great, calorie burning, low impact exercise. It works both the upper and lower body and is a excellent for those with weak joints. SheKnows states that the key to using swimming as a calorie burning exercise is slowly increasing the duration of swims. This allows the body to burn more calories each time. Unfortunately, swimming does not build much muscle because it is not a weight bearing workout.

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Answer s I was told that you can burn approximately 450 calories in an hour, but only if you are swimming as if in a practice. That means you don't stop very often to relax. You have
The amount of calories burned during swimming depends on the weight and energy expenditure of the individual. It also depends on how long the activity is performed. Freestyle lap
About 360 calories.
approximately 200-300 calories.
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