How many calories are in 12 ounces of steak?


One ounce of lean, cooked beef contains 49 calories, meaning that a 12-ounce steak contains approximately 594 calories. This may vary if the steak contains fat or a bone.

The nutritional breakdown per ounce of lean beef includes 18 calories from fat and 31 calories from protein. It's important to note that the recommended serving size for beef is between 3 and 4 ounces, meaning that a steak can represent several times the recommended amount of beef for a given meal. However, opting for leaner cuts can ensure that the maximum benefit is obtained without the need to sacrifice the enjoyment of eating a steak.

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Calories in a 12 oz sirloin steak In sirloin cooked by overhead grilling/oven grilling/broiling there are: Approx 636 calories in a 12 oz sirloin streak (lean only) Approx 53 calories
Depending on what type of steak you get, the calories in steaks range from 160 for a roast to 280 for a piece of sirloin. As long as you monitor your intake, you should be fine.
The calories in a 12oz rib-eye steak are about 775
There are roughly 480 calories in a 8 oz t-bone steak. Depending on the steak type the amount varies.
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