How Many Calories in a Fab Ice Lolly?


A nestle fab ice lolly has 85 calories.
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I think it's just ice cream. Source(s) Fab lollys are yummy!
Strawberry fruit ice and vanilla ice cream with top dipped in chocolate + coated with 'hundreds + thousands. Figure around the thousand mark.
I've just seen funny feet in my local shop they were legendary, but i prefer maxibon's they are absolute genius Source(s): local shop
A nestle fab ice lolly has 85 calories.
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Fab lollies are ice lollies mostly marketed for girls. It was introduced into the European market in 2009 as a tie-in with Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds ...
A Wall's magnum lolly (light) contains 170kcal, while a Magnum classico has 275kcal. ...
The amount of calories in a Smirnoff ice can is 228. This is the same amount of calories in 12-ounce of Smirnoff ice while the flavoured ones are known to have ...
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