How many calories are in a frozen margarita?


There is typically about 250 calories in a regular size 12 ounce frozen margarita. This is about the same number of calories that would be in two cups of whole milk.
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A margarita contains 68 calories and has less than one calorie from fat. You can drink several of these and still gain no fat content. How lucky is that?
Frozen: 180 calories (all carbs) for a 4 oz serving. Considering the average margarita glass holds 12 oz you're looking at 540 calories.
740 calories in a 10-ounce margarita.…. Keep in mind that many variables can spread this number lower or greater such as content of
Prepare your Margarita glass by rubbing its rim with lime and then dipping the rim on a 1/8 inch Kosher salt or Margarita salt using your Margarita rimmer set. Put this aside. Mix
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