How many calories are in an egg?


One large egg contains roughly 72 calories. However, most of an egg's calories are in the egg yolk. One large egg white contains only 17 calories compared to the yolk, which contains 55.

Although the yolk contains the bulk of an egg's fat and calories, it also contains many of the egg's nutrients. One large egg yolk contains more than 40 percent of the total protein of an egg. Almost all of the vitamins A, B6, B12, D and E are contained in the yolk, as well as the calcium, zinc and iron. If making scrambled eggs or other egg-based dishes, consider using at least one yolk for every two or three egg whites so you get more of the egg's nutritional benefits.

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How many calories in an egg depends on the size of the egg. A small egg has 54 calories, a medium egg has 63, a large egg has 72, an extra large egg has 80 and a jumbo egg has 90
Calories in eggs In chicken eggs there are: approx 54 calories in 1 small size egg approx 63 calories in 1 medium size egg approx 72 -78 calories in 1 large size egg approx 80 calories
Calories in a boiled egg There are: approx 211 calories in 1 cup (4. 8 oz, or 136g) of chopped boiled egg approx 13 calories in 1 tablespoon of boiled egg approx 43-44 calories in
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