How Many Calories Should a 13 Year Old Girl Take in Each Day?


Being able to manage your calorie intake will affect whether you are able to gain, lose or maintain your weight. The number of calories that a 13 year old girl should take in each day will vary depending on the girl's activity level and her body size. However, the average daily calories for teenaged girls is about 2200 calories.
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It depends on your height. If you're taller you should eat more calories and if you're shorter eat a little less calories, but honestly if you know you're not overweight you should
The amount of calories you burn daily depends on how much exercise you're getting. If you're constantly sitting then you don't burn many. It also depends on your height and weight!
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The # of calories you should eat in a
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The recommended calorie intake varies a little based on height, weight, activity level, body type, and a few other factors. On average, they should be eating about ...
How many calories a 13 year old girl should have will depend on her activity level. If she is really active she'll need more calories for energy. Most teen girls ...
How many calories a 13 year old should have in a day depends on how active they are. If the 13 year old is a couch potato he'll need less calories than a 13 year ...
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