How Many Calories Should a Man Have in a Day?


The quantity of calories that a man should consume in a day depends on the age and the physical activity that is taken each day. For instance, a man aged between 31 and 50 years old should eat 2200 calories daily if he undertakes moderate physical activity, while a man aged 31-50 years, who undertakes above moderate physical activity should take 2400-3000 calories each day.
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An active teenager should consume about 2000 calories each day. Although 2000 calories is average, each teenager should adjust calories according to height, weight, and the amount
An average woman should have 1500 calories a day. However both lifestyle and and other factors such as height affect this. If you want an accurate view of how many calories you should
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Around 1200 to maintain a healthy weight
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The total amount of calories an individual is expected to consume in one single day not only varies depending on a person's sex but other factors as well. These other factors are height, weight, age and the level of daily actives. The easiest and most accurate method of determining the number of calories you need per day so as to maintain your current weight is using a 'Calories per Day Calculator.' One of such calculator is available online at ShapeFit.
An average man needs about 2,500 calories a day to maintain his weight. The specific amount for an individual is, however, affected by many factors which include age and levels of physical activity. Instead of focusing on how many calories one should consume each day people are advised to eat a healthy, balanced diet and take part in physical activities.
An average adult man should have between 2200 calories and 2400 calories in day. However the exact amount of calories to be taken in a day depends on a lot of factors including ones weight, age, height, activity levels and whether one is trying to lose, maintain or gain weight.
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