How Many Carrots Does It Take to Turn Orange?


The number of carrot that you need to consume in order to turn orange depends on your body reaction to carotene. A fast reaction will be shown by around 50 large size carrots while a slow change of colour would be shown by around 100 carrots. The change in colour is usually not permanent and turns back to normal with time.
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oh, well now to turn orange you will have to eat at least 20 a day or maybe a bit less or more depending on your size. you will probably have to keep going for about a year or less.
I drank a daily shot of wheatgrass for about 6 weeks before anyone told me the tip of my nose and my hands looked orange, but I only drank 8 oz. (5-6 medium carrots) of carrot juice
1. Wash eight carrots and cut them in half horizontally. Choose carrots that are firm and bright orange in color. 2. Peel three oranges and then cut each peeled orange into quarters
That is beta-carotene is a member of the carotenoids,
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It takes about four medium oranges to make an eight ounce glass of orange juice. It would take about fourteen to seventeen medium oranges to make one liter of ...
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