How Many Cars Are Stolen in the United States?


The frequency of vehicle is growing rapidly in the United states of America each year. According to the National Insurance Crime bureau, there were 1,192,809 cars stolen last year. Showing there was an increase of 42,417 compared to those stolen in 2005. Statistics therefore shows a car is stolen after every 26.4 seconds which totals to 1 million each year.
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The most stolen vehicle in the U.S. is the 1995 Honda
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Over 5 year old Honda Civics, no matter what the year. They have consistently been the most stolen car for the last 30 years. They last a long time and parts are needed so there is
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According to statistics, there is a car that is stolen every 26.4 seconds. This of course only accounts for the United States. As of last year, there were a total ...
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