How Many Cars Did GM Sell Last Year?


GM released a global sales for 2008 as 8.35 million vehicles. Out of that total 5.37 million of those vehicles were sold outside the U.S..
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GM sold a total of 2,202,927 in the year 2010. If you include other brands at a total of 12,300, the actual total number for how many cars sold in 2010 would be 2,215,927. You can find more information here:
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GM sells variations of the same cars that they sell in the US, as well as a few specific
a year, different models, subsidiaries or just gm branding? Gm sells 10,000,000 million cars a year including subsidiaries. they own or have a majority stake in: buick- 6 models cadillac
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According to Bloomberg, GM sold 2.55 million cars in 2011, which was an 8.3% growth from 2010. So about 2.34 million GM cars were sold in China in 2010. More interesting ...
There were approximately 9,500,000 cars sold in the United States of America last year. The auto industry expects to sell 10,500,000 vehicles this year. ...
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