How many cars were wrecked in "Blues Brothers?"


One hundred and three cars were destroyed during the production of the hit 1980 comedy "The Blues Brothers." At the time, this was the record for the highest number of cars demolished during the making of a film.

There is a good deal of onscreen destruction in the original "Blues Brothers" movie, including a central car chase scene that claimed the 103 vehicles, including many police cruisers. Even though this was a record at the time of the production of "The Blues Brothers," "The Junkman," which came out two years later in 1982, purportedly exceeded that record with 150 cars totaled during production. While the makers of "The Blues Brothers 2000" did not attempt a new world record for cars destroyed in a film production, they did purposely best "The Blues Brothers" by wrecking 104 cars.

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It's estimated about 76, but the purpose of the multiple angle shots was to make it look like more so the number might be less.
John Landis says they only wrecked about 30 cars. They
I think they were wrecked before the movie. The filmmakers fixed them so they could get wrecked again.
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