How Many Cattle Per Acre?


In order for cattle to comfortably graze and live you should count on having 1 cow per acre. At times it is even suggested that you have no more than one cow per 2.5 acres. But this depends on the state and the condition of the land
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Generally it is a good idea to have one horse per acre, unless the grass is very lush, and then you could probably have two horses per acre as long as there is hay available along
Opinions differ but consistently 1 acre per head is a consistent number that we find. That is if they are going to graze on grass, with feed you can do more. report this answer. Updated
1. Understand the factors involved with determining how to stock your pasture. Simply assuming that the standard stocking rate for all farms is one cow per acre is going to get you
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There are different regulations about how many cows a person can have per acre. These rules are usually set by the agricultural governing body of a state or country ...
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