How many CCs are equal to 1 mL?


One CC, or cubic centimeter, is equal to one mL, or milliliter. Both terms are part of the metric system and are used as measurements of volume.

Finding the volume of a cube and then converting that variable from cubic centimeters to milliliters is simple. First, you must find the volume of the cube. Do this by measuring one of its sides and then cubing that number. This number will be in cubic centimeters. As mentioned, one cubic centimeter equals one milliliter. If your cube measures 15625 cubic centimeters, it easily converts to 15625 milliliters. To find the volume the cube can hold, you must convert the milliliters to liters. To do this, simply divide the number of milliliters by 1000, and you have your answer. In this case, the volume the cube can hold is equal to 15.625 liters.

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1cc (cubic centimer) is equivalent to 1mL (milliliter) 1cc=1mL.
There is one millimeter in one cubic centimeter. It is one of the few measurements that end up being equivalent. The terms are often interchanged.
1 cc is equal to 1 ml. ChaCha!
cc and ml are the same.
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One milliliter is equal to 1 cubic centimeters.
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These two measurements are equal to one another. 1 cubic centimeter (cc) is equal to 1 milliliter (ml). ...
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