How many cubic centimeters are in a cup?


There are 236.59 cubic centimeters in a cup. Cubic centimeter is another term for milliliter, which is equivalent to one thousandth of a liter. It can also be said that there are 0.23659 liters in a cup.

Remembering the exact conversion for cubic centimeters to cups is a little difficult, but it is fairly easy to roughly convert between metric and U.S. units using a simple rule of thumb: 1 liter is only slightly larger than a U.S. quart. In fact, it measures about 1.06 U.S. quarts. With this conversion in mind, one can roughly convert a cup into cubic centimeters without a calculator. A cup is one fourth of both a quart and a liter, so it is roughly 250 milliliters, or cubic centimeters. This is only about 14 cubic centimeters away from the true result, making it a useful approximation for recipes and other everyday applications.

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1. Determine the value of 1 cc in cups by dividing 1 cup by 236.6 cc. The resultant value is 0.00422654, which we can round to 0.00423. 2. Multiply the value of 1 cc in cups (0.00423
1 cup = 236.588 cubic centimeters.'s_in_a_cup
150cc is equal to 0.634 cups when converted in measurement. ChaCha!
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One cup is equal to 236.5882 cubic centimeters.
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There are 36.588 cc's in one cup. CC stands for cubic centimeters. There are 8 ounces in one cup. Take the ounces and multiply by 30 to get the cc's needed. ...
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