How Many CC's Equal One Horsepower?


There is no simple way to know how many CCs is equal to one horsepower. There are too many variable factors to give a certain response. Some of those factors include the fuel combustion ration, the intake flow, the piston shape, the timing, and the exhaust flow. In general, a naturally aspirated modified engine 200 hp/litre, a v-twin about 100+ stock. You can use a formula to figure out the fuel you use. That is 1 Btu/hr = (1 x 0.0003929) Horsepower = 0.0003929 Horsepower.
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There is no direct relationship between a cc and horsepower.
A milliliter (mL) and cubic centimeter (cc) are equivalent to one another. Therefore, 1 mL is also 1 cc. This makes converting the units very simple!
The short answer is about 15 to 17cc = 1 hp or about 1 = 1 bhp for a modern
Depends on the engine. But for all else pretty much equal, two stroke engines often provide more hp than comparable displacement 4 stroke engines, and more cylinders also means more
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