How many cubic centimeters are in 1 cup?


One cup contains 236.59 cubic centimeters. Cubic centimeters are a measure of volume, and 1 cubic centimeter is equal to the volume of a cube with sides of 1 centimeter long.

A cubic centimeter is a measure of liquid volume and is equal to 1 milliliter. Cubic centimeter is included in the International System of Units, known as SI, and is usually shortened to cm³. Another abbreviation for cubic centimeter is cc. Although cc is not an SI unit, it is a common abbreviation used in medicine and in the motor industry to denote the engine capacity of motorbikes and cars.

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1 cup = 236.588 cubic centimeters.'s_in_a_cup
There are 14.7867648 cc's in one teaspoon. Preemie baby bottles have a cc measurement used to tell how much liquid is in the tiny bottles.
This is not a proper conversion. Cubic centimeters (cc) is a measure of volume. Grams (g) kilograms (kg) and milligrams (mg) are measures of weight or mass.
Since I know that 1 fluid ounce is equal to 0.125 cups (thanks Mr. Peacock, best math teacher ever!), then I can divide 1 by 0.125 to determine that it takes 8 ounces to make up 1
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One cup is equal to 236.5882 cubic centimeters.
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