How Many CC's in a Quart?


One CC is equal to one milliliter. It is much easier to convert from milliliters because it is a more commonly used measurement. 1 quart is equal to 946.353 milliliters. 946.353 milliliters is equal to 946.353 CC's.
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The measure of volume 1 US quart is 946.3529472 milliliters. 946.3529472 milliliters are 946.3529472 cubic centimeters.
1 US quart i s equal to 946.352946 cc's. Thanks for using Chacha!
There are 1.056 US quarts in one liter. One liter is also equal to 0.264 gallons, 2.113 pints, 4.227 cups, 33.8 fluid ounces, 67.62 tablespoons or 202.88 teaspoons.
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One quart is equal to 946.3529 cubic centimeters.
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There are 36.588 cc's in one cup. CC stands for cubic centimeters. There are 8 ounces in one cup. Take the ounces and multiply by 30 to get the cc's needed. ...
There are four quarts in a gallon. ...
One quart is equal to 0.9463529 liters. ...
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