How Many Children Did Henry VIII Have in Total?


Henry VIII was a king of Tudor who succeeded the throne after his father's death on 21 April, 1509 at the age of only 17. Henry VIII had 3 children in total; Mary, Elizabeth and Edward. Edward ruled for six years after Henry's death, at the age of 9 and died at age 15; Mary ruled for the next five years, but also died without children and finally, Elizabeth I became Queen, and ruled for 45 years.
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Henry VIII had six wives in all. There names were Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr.
He had two sisters who survived to adulthood, the oldest being Margaret Tudor (1489 - 1541) who married James IV of Scotland, and was the grandmother of Mary, Queen of Scots. His
He had 6 wives,he divorced catherine of arragon because he needed a son and catherine had only given him 1 daughter,she was pregnant about 8 times,some of the baby's were still born
Two. William Warham was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury during the reign of Henry VII in 1504. He held the post until his death in 1532. Thomas Cranmer was appointed Archbishop
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Henry VIII was the king of England who had three legitimate children consisting of Mary, Elizabeth and Edward. However, it is believed that he had fathered at least two illegitimate children Henry Fitzroy and Henry by Mary Boleyn.
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