How Many Children Did Henry VIII Have in Total?


Henry VIII was a king of Tudor who succeeded the throne after his father's death on 21 April, 1509 at the age of only 17. Henry VIII had 3 children in total; Mary, Elizabeth and Edward. Edward ruled for six years after Henry's death, at the age of 9 and died at age 15; Mary ruled for the next five years, but also died without children and finally, Elizabeth I became Queen, and ruled for 45 years.
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Henry VIII's children. All three of Henry VIII's legitimate children became monarchs of England. They were: Edward VI - son of Henry and his third wife, Jane Seymour. Edward was born's_ch...
King Henry's children who survived childhood: Edward the Sixth, Mary the
(I answered a similar question you asked.) Please specify which book you mean, as I only come up with Alison Weir's volume on "Children of England"/"The Children of
Henry had quite a lot of children, but only three were legitimate. He and Katherine of Aragon had six; all but one were stillborn or died shortly after birth. The only one who survived
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Henry VIII was the king of England who had three legitimate children consisting of Mary, Elizabeth and Edward. However, it is believed that he had fathered at least two illegitimate children Henry Fitzroy and Henry by Mary Boleyn.
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Anne Boleyn had one child, Elizabeth, with King Henry VIII. Her son was a stillborn. Anne was Henry VIII's second wife and was crowned queen in June 1533. She ...
Henry VIII had 7 siblings but only three survived infancy. He had an elder brother named Arthur who was born in 1486 and was Henry's heir apparent. More so, his ...
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