How Many Children Did Hercules Have?


Hercules is also known as Heracles. He was married to Megara, who was King Creon's daughter. He had 5 children named Alexiares, Anicetus, Telephus, Hyllus, and Tlepolemus. There is another school of thought saying he was having relations with Hera, who was the wife of Zeus. Hercules was driven into a fit of madness by Hera and he killed his children. He realized what he had done once he was cured of his madness, and fled to Oracle of Delphi.
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Hercules had many children.but his most treasured was his three children with his wife Megara. He had two sons and one daughter. His daughter was the eldest out of the three in the'_child...
The descendants of Hercules. By 49 of the daughters of Thespius he had 51 sons. Some of the wives and some of the children were: (1) by Astydamia: Ctesippus; (2) by Astyoche: Tlepolemus
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It has to do with the origin of the myths. The story of Heracles comes from the Greek kingdom of Argos where Hera was worshipped as the chief goddess. Since the kingdom was her personal
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