How Many Children Did King Solomon Have?


King Solomon was born and also died in Jerusalem. His father was David and his mother was Bathsheba. Solomon married Pharaoh's daughter and he had three children. In 1 Kings 11:43, it mention that he had 1 son and two daughters. The daughter's name was Taphath. The names of his two sons were Rehoboam and Menelik I. Solomon reigned after David and before his son Rehoboam. Solomon was just one of 48 prophets according to Talmud.
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According to the article in the Related Link below, King Solomon had a total of 40,000 horses.
It may be safe to say that all people of hebrew origin have his blood within them. He had so many wives and Jesus was descended of that blood.
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zero he is a fictional character no proof exists that he lived if you have proof id like to see it cause youd be world famous over night if you could do what archeologists have failed
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