How Many Children Did Thomas Edison Have?


Thomas Edison fathered 6 children with his 2 wives, Mary and Mina. He spent long hours in his lab away from his family and placed high expectations on all the children hoping hat they would follow in his own footsteps.
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Thomas Jefferson had 6 children. Keeping him busy I'm sure were 1 boy and 5 girls! There is also speculation that he had children with a mistress after his wife died, although this
Thomas Edison is a parent of Theodore Miller
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Thomas Edison had 6 children by 2 wives. He nicknamed his first daughter Marion "Dot" and called her little brother Thomas Junior "Dash ...
Thomas Edison is credited with making a number of inventions namely: the cylinder phonograph, disc phonograph, electricity, kinetophone, kinetoscope, film projectors ...
Prior to becoming a famous inventor, Edison delivered newspaper and worked as a telegraph operator. See ...
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