How many children does Marie Osmond have?


Marie Osmond has seven living children and one child who committed suicide. Three of the eight are her biological children from two marriages, and five were adopted during her second marriage.

Marie Osmond raised eight children; she adopted five. Of her biological children, one is from her first marriage, and two are from her second marriage. The child from her first marriage is Stephen James Craig Blosil, and his father is Steve Craig. The remaining children in order of birth are Jessica Blosil, Rachael Blosil, Michael Bryan, Brandon Blosil, Brianna Blosil, Matthew Blosil, and Abigail Blosil.

Rachael Blosil and Matthew Blosil are children from her second marriage who share the same biological father; his name is Brian Blosil.

Michael Bryan, an adopted son, committed suicide in 2010.

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Son Stephen James Craig will turn 27 April 20, 2010. Daughters Jessica will be 23 later this year, Rachael will be 21 later this year, Brianna will be 13 later this year and Abigail
Marie Osmond has 8 children, 5 of which are adopted. ChaCha again soon!
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