How Many Children Does Phil Mickelson Have?


Phil Mickelson is a professional Golfer, having won numerous PGA tournaments and competitions. Mickelson has a wife, Amy, whom he married in 1996, as well as three children, Amanda, Sophie and Evan. Mickelson's daughters Amanda and Sophie were born in 1999 and 2001, respectively, and Mickelson's son Evan was born in 2003.
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daughter 9, daughter 6 and son 3.
Phil Mickelson's sons name is Evan and has two daughters Sophia and Amanda. Cha.
1. Purchase a club similar to Phil's putters. He has two Odyssey putters in his bag and chooses between them based on the condition of the individual greens. The first, called the
Phil Mickelson has a number of qualities attractive to a golf fan: He's Talented: Though overshadowed by Tiger Woods, Phil has consistently been in the Top 5 of all golfers worldwide
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Phil Mickelson is a professional golf player from America. His wife is named Amy who died in 1996 due to breast cancer. He has three children. ...
Phil Mickelson is a well known golfer and by many is considered to be one of the most accomplished. During his career he has won a total of four major championships ...
As of April 2012, Phil Mickelson has won a total of four major tournaments. The 41-year old Californian is one of the best known figures in the sport of golf. ...
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