How many chocolate chips equal one ounce?


It takes approximately 54 chocolate chips to make one full ounce. However, various chocolate chip manufacturers use different molds for their chocolate chips, so the amount required to make a full ounce may vary slightly.

The most common reason to measure or count chocolate chips is for a desert recipe. If the chef must adjust the size of the meal being produced, also known as the yield, he must often convert or adjust measurements in the recipe.

Ounces are a convenient way to scale chocolate measurements; however, because they do not have a regular shape, such measurements may be slightly inaccurate.

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1. Look at the chocolate chip package to find the weight stamping on the label. 2. Understand that 6 oz. of chocolate chips equals 1 dry measuring cup of chocolate chips. 3. Determine
There are 1 and 1/2 cups in 12 ounces. You'll want 1 and 1/2 cups
Don't be confused by answers that confuse ounces of weight versus ounces of volume. A bag of chocolate chips is 12 ounces but it measures to almost 2 cups. 3 ounces would be one 1
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