How Many Chromosomes Does a Potato Have?


A potato has 48 chromosomes which is two more chromosomes than a human has. Interestingly, a salamander has 24 chromosomes and a fruit fly has 8.
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A potato has 48 chromosomes. Humans have 46 chromosomes. Thanks for
they have more than humans do like 48 pairs.
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46 (like humans)
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Corn has 20 chromosomes or 10 pairs. Wheat has has 42 as does oats.Other plants like mango has 40, potato has 48, cotton has 52, and pineapple has 50. The Addersptongue ...
23 single chromosomes in human gametes. ...
There are 46 chromosomes in a somatic cell. Everybody on earth has the same number of chromosomes, if they have a normal genetic structure. This is mostly because ...
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