How Many Cigarettes Does It Take to Get Addicted?


There is no set number of cigarettes that can be smoked before addiction occurs. Even one cigarette can be the culprit that triggers a lifelong addiction to smoking.
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Cigarettes are addictive because of the chemicals and the nicotine in them. If you are a smoker and you want to quit, talk to your doctor about the patch or Chantix.
1. The first step in quitting the Cigarette addiction is you should have a date to start you mission to quit smoking Cigarettes that's always good. Then when that day comes around
addictive to cigarettes: short but sweet Nicotine is used in the making of cigarettes and most people use it as a depressant.It also causes the release of natural chemicals in our
I'll take a subjective crack at this... I smoked cigarettes for over 20 years (I've since quit) and have smoked cigars for around 15. My take is this: I've found that the activities
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Approximately 25% of people are addicted to cigarettes. Cigarettes are highly addicting and it can cause many health issues such as lung cancer and cardiovascular ...
There is not really a certain amount of cigarettes that one person has to smoke to get addicted. It all depends on the person and the nicotine level that is in ...
Health effects from a smoking addiction are numerous and begin once an individual smokes his first cigarette. There are 6.6 billion smokers on this planet according ...
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