How many columns are in front of the White House?


There are 12 columns along the North Portico, which was added to the White House in 1829; four are lined up along the front, four are flush with the structure and two support each side. The rounded South Portico of the White House, built in 1824, has six columns.

The North Portico faces the North Lawn, which is generally considered to be the front lawn of the White House. A semicircular driveway goes through the North Portico; it passes between the columns and connects to Pennsylvania Avenue. Most visiting heads of state enter through the North Portico, including guests at state dinners, but some officials visiting the White House enter through the South Portico instead, according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

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The North and South Portico of the White House are hexastyle porticoes, so six on each.
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