Concentration Camps?


There is no definite figure for the number of concentration camps established by the Nazi government during WWII but estimates put them at 15000 camps and sub-camps. Concentration camps, also known as Konzentrationslager in German were established in most of the Nazi occupied nations during World War 2.
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Concentration camps were used to hold prisoners. In those concentration camps people were forced to do physical labor in inhumane conditions, people were treated cruelly, and people
1. Research the different Nazi concentration camps. Each camp was unique. Some camps were for prisoners of war, where inmates were treated differently from those at the Jewish internment
Dachau is about 15 miles north of Munich. Dachau was first Nazi concentration Camp. It was. near Munich in southern Germany. established in 1933. It became the model and training
Jews, Poles, Russian POWs, gypsies, mentally ill, physically handicapped, criminals homosexuals, basically anyone who wasnt German and wasnt part of Hitler's ideal of an Aryan race.
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Concentration camps in Germany were used for a range of purposes including forced-labour, transit camps and extermination camps built primarily or exclusively ...
It is estimated that the Nazi established over 15,000 concentration camps. Most o the camps were established in Germany, Poland and Yugoslavia among other countries ...
It has been established that between 1933 and 1945 a total of 1,600,000 people were sent to concentration work camps. Of these, over a million died of a variety ...
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