How Many Congressmen Are There?


The congress in US is represented by 435 members in the House of Representatives, together with 100 senators. Each representative serves for a two-year term. Currently, the most populous state is California which has 53 representatives.
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1. Find your Congressperson's email, phone or office address. The House of Representatives website includes a search function to find your representative. You can look them up using
Colorado has 65 State Congressmen and 7 US Congressmen.
It's no different from any other committee. The first step is the Member's preference. So wanting to be on the Science Committee is a prerequisite. A Committee on Committees from
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In the US congress, there are 435 in the House of Representatives, and 100 Senators. Each Representatives representing a congressional district and serving a two-year term and each Senators serving six-year terms.
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