How many constellations are there?


There are 88 constellations that exist today. These constellations are named for mythological beings. Some even resemble animals and people.
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There are 88 Constellations in total. They are: Andromeda (The Princess) Antlia (The Air Pump) Apus (The Bird of Paradise) Aquarius (The Water Bearer) Aquila (The Eagle) Ara (The
Things You'll Need. Star chart. Compass. Using Other Star Formations. Locate the Big Dipper, which is one of the most recognizable star formations in the northern sky. Not a constellation
1. Find the South Pole on your Star map. Also locate the Larger Magellanic Cloud. Directly on the opposite side of the Cloud from the Pole is the constellation Dorado or The Goldfish
There are 5 stars that make up the constellation triangulum!!!!!
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