How Many Copies of a Book Have Been Sold?


To find the number of copies of a book that have been printed or sold, you might consider consulting the book's publisher. Additionally, you can consult the best seller lists at major book retailers, which commonly list the number of copies sold. Checking the inside cover of a book, where the publisher information is found, can show the number of printings the book has gone through. While that will not tell you the number of copies sold, you can assume a book that has gone through multiple printings is considered to be popular.
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Brian S Pratt is pulling over a hundred thousand a year with his fantasy novels. He has 18 ebooks posted and they sell for between 1 to 6 dollars each. Embed Quote
100,000,0000 copies were sold!
As of April 8, 2008 500,000 copies of "The Shack" have been
Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue: An American Life" was released Nov. 17, 2009. No word yet on sales.
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