How many corvettes were sold last year?


The number of Corvettes sold in 2010 were 12,624. In 2009, 13,934 Corvettes were sold. in 2010 there was a decrease in sales by 9.4%. Still a great car and I would love to have one. I would say my preference would be a red convertible.
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The number of cars that sold in the year 2008 is not available at this time. In 2007 there were 16,153,952 new cars that sold in the United States.
0. They stopped production and resumed in 1984.
26,971 Corvettes were sold in the USA in 2008. Text more questions
None. 44 Corvettes were built in 1983 but because of production problems no more were built. 43 of the 44 1983 Corvettes built were used for crash testing, publicity or were outright
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