How Many Countries Are Taking Part in the 2008 Olympics?


There were 205 countries which sent athletes to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. There were around 10,500 athletes in total and there were around 300 events.
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China wiht over 600 atheles.
There are 245 countries in the world officially, and 204 are taking part at the Olympics (although 210 were supposed to take place, yet 6 were not allowed because they were late in
205 countries will be expected to take part in the 2008 Beijing Olympics that is up 4 from the 201 that participated in 2004 Athens. 3 more National Olympic Committees (NOCs) where
it depends... every single nation has a very different number of athletes. If you are looking for a particular number of athletes from a certain nation, you might try googling
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Some of the 204 countries that participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics include: China, United States, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, South Korea, ...
205 countries take part in the olympics games ...
During the 2008 Olympics that took place in Beijing, 204 nations took part in the competitions which had over 300 different events. Nations such as Marshall Islands ...
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