How Many Countries Are There in Europe?


There are 45 countries in Europe.This however does not include those shared with Asian Continent
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Cyprus, the southernmost country in Europe, geographically sits in the Mediterranean Sea between Turkey and Syria. Its location naturally affords warmer weather. For December, the
Switzerland has the highest score in the Environmental Performance Index (performed by the UN) making it the greenest country in Europe and the world.'s_greenes...
The countries that make up Eastern Europe include Greece, Poland, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine. The countries that border eastern Europe include Turkey and Georgia.
Eurpoe is a continent, not a country. The most widespread currency in Europe is the Euro.'s+currency+...
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Europe, the 6th largest continent in the world, presently has 50 countries on it. It has 45 countries excluding the five other countries that are shared with the Asian continent
Some political issues and other problems made it hard to define the country's meaning, but approximately 50 states.
As of April 2012, there are 50 countries in Europe. Many of them are members of the European Union. For more information, visit:
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