What were the countries that Hitler invaded?


Before the start of World War II, the German army invaded many countries under the command of Hitler. These counties are Poland, Danzig, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, France (partial), Monaco, Yugoslavia and Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and part of The Soviet Union.
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Austria and Czechoslovakia were annexed and invaded prior to Poland being attacked with a blitzkrieg style of attack in September 1939.
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The first country to be invaded by Hitler was Poland. The invasion began on September 1st 1939 a week after signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. It was invaded from the west, south and north.
There were so many countries that were invaded by Adolf Hitler’s army and his affiliate armies during the Second World War. Some of these countries were physically attacked by his soldiers whereas others just gave up the fight and surrendered. For a full list of his invasions, please refer to this website: http://www.worldwar-2.net/index.html.
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