How Many Countries Does the River Nile Go through?


River Nile is about 6,670 km (4,160 miles) in length and is the longest river in Africa and in the world. It flows through 5 countries. These are; Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi and Egypt
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The Nile River goes through many countries like Egypt and Nubia.
The Nile River runs through Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Rwanda, Tanzania,
From mouth to source Egypt, Sudan, then divides into Blue Nile Ethiopia and White Nile Uganda,borders on Zaire, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and finally Zambia Source(s): retired math
Russia and China.
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The Nile, which is the longest river in Africa and the rest of the world, is the main north-flowing river in North Africa. The river starts from Egypt from the ...
The countries that the Nile flows through include; Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, DR Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Egypt. It is a huge north flowing river ...
Nile River is a very important river due to its economic importance in the regions it flows through and the fact that it is the longest river in the world. Egypt ...
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