How Many Countries Play in the World Cup?


There are 32 countries that play in the world cup
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There are a total of 32 countries taking part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
How many countries are in the world depends on how the meaning of the name country is interpreted. The United Nations recognizes 192 countries or there are 192 countries that are
64 total games will be played. There are 32 teams with 4 teams per group in the group stages of the tournament. The group stages are in the round-robin format with each team playing
I think it was 14 times.
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There have been 19 World Cups since the event started in 1930. The latest world cup event occurred in South Africa in the year 2010. Some of the countries that ...
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Mexico has never won the FIFA World Cup. However, it has hosted the world's most prestigious tournament twice; in 1970 with the winner of the tournament being ...
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