How Many Craters Are on the Moon?


There are truly too many craters on the moon to get an absolute count of them all. Scientists believe there could be billions of them, with only about 30,000 or so that have actually been seen with their telescopes and photographs from lunar probes.
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That would be like asking how many trees are on the earth or how many fish are in the sea. There are just too many craters on the moon that it would not be possible to count them
Billions. There are over 500,000 craters with a diameter larger than 1 km.
The largest crater on the moon is Bailly. Its diameter is 184 miles (296 km).
Large craters are named after famous deceased scientists, scholars and artists;
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The moon has so many craters because of the collision or the clashing of asteroids and meteorites with the moon. There are many types of craters on the moon and ...
There are many craters on the moon since they are formed when something crashes on the surface and causes a depression. These craters are created mainly because ...
The name Mercury comes from the Roman God Mercury. It has many craters much like our moon, and has no moons of its own. It's core is made of iron. ...
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