How Many Credits Do You Need to Be a Junior in Seattle Washington?


Different schools have different requirements on how to classify someone as a junior. I would suggest checking with the registrar's office of your school to confirm what your status is.
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24 i think.
this has all their acceptance info, good luck to you.….
Economics is the big picture and great prep for an MBA. Note that most ivy league and other highly selective universities including those with with top ranked MBA programs do not
Some chance of getting in, especially at Cornell. You have great activites and are female, helping a lot for MIT. GPA and SAT's are issues, admission also influenced by your interview
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The amount of credits you would need to be considered a junior in high school would the the amount equal to half of what is required for you to graduate. Let's ...
In order to become a junior in high school, you will need to have achieved at least 11 credited course hours. However, certain factors do come into play that may ...
You will need 124-128 credits to graduate as a junior in Ohio. It can change though depending on what college or university you are attending. Be sure to check ...
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