How many cubic meters equals 1 tonne?


A cubic meter is a unit of volume, while a tonne is a unit of mass. Thus, the amount of volume required to equal 1 ton of mass depends entirely upon the density of the substance measured. For example, a cubic meter of water at roughly 4 degrees Celsius weighs 1 tonne. A tonne, also known as a metric ton, equals 1000 kilograms, or nearly 2,204 pounds.

A cubic meter of solid stone weighs significantly more than 1 tonne, while a cubic meter of cotton candy hardly weighs anything at all. Even the temperature of the water is important, as water expands as it is either heated or cooled from 4 degrees Celsius.

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At the pressure of one atmosphere, 1 tonne of water will occupy between 1.000028 m. 3. (at 4 deg C) and 1.0434 m. 3. (at 100 deg C)
1050 kg.
0.9144 meters.
3.280839895 ft. Direct Conversion Formula. 1. m. * 1 ft. 0.3048. m. = 3.280839895 ft.
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