How Many Cups Are in a Fifth?


Wines and liquor are normally sold in fifths. To know the number of cups in a liquor begin by writing the formula hence you cancel out the millimeters in the numerator and denominator. Hence divide the remainder equation to get 3.17 cups.
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1. Write the formula for converting a fifth bottle to cups: 750 milliliters x 1 cup / 236.6 milliters. 2. Cancel out milliliters in the numerator and denominator, leaving 750 x 1
3 1/4 cups.
(1/5) of one US cup = 47.3176473 milliliters. ChaCha for all your baking needs!
a fifth is 750 ml which is 25.36 ounces. 8 ounces to a cup so it's 3.17 cups. so lets say 3 and we can sip the .17 to see if it's good :
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If those wanting to know how many cups in a fifth of alcohol it is approximately 750 ML. It can be approximately 26oz as well. It is very important for people ...
A fifth of vodka is 750 ml which includes roughly 3 1/4 cups. There are about 17 regular sized shots in a fifth of liquor. Generally, a fifth of vodka can serve ...
A fifth of of a whiskey means 1.5 of a gallon. There are 25.6 ounces (or 25.6 fl. oz) in a fifth of a whiskey. Sometimes it is called A Fifth of A Liquor. ...
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