How Many Cups Are in a Liter?


There are 4.2267528377 cups in a liter under the US system. In the metric system, there are 4 cups in a liter. The difference comes from the metric system's use of 10's as a main point of measurement.
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One liter is equal to 4.226753 cups.
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There are approximately 4 cups in liter. The exact calculation is 4.22675284 cups. And also one cup is 0.236588237 liter. Sometimes it depends on the size of the cup. If you use standard
1. Learn that 1 cup equals 237 milliliters. 2. Know that 1 liter is equal to 1,000 milliliters. 3. Divide 1,000 milliliters by 237 milliliters to calculate the number of cups in 1
1 liter = 4.22675284 US cups.
One liter is equal to 4.22 cups. ChaCha!
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1 liters holds just over 4 cups of liquid. More conversions can be found at . ...
One liter is equal to 4.227 cups or 33.81 fluid ounces. Liters are part of the metric measuring system and cups are part of the U.S. measuring system. It's useful ...
The number of cups in 1 75 or 1.75 liters is 7.39 cups. A liter is a unit of measure used for liquids. ...
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