How Many Cups of Batter from 1 Box of Cake Mix?


In one box of cake mix there are about four and a half cups of batter. Different recipes vary in batter according to the amount of water and oil needed for each. The average 9x2 round pan would require 1 box of cake mix.
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Approximately 6 or more cups.
Type? Or quantity? The type of cake you can make will depend upon the flavor of cake mix you're using. You don't have to limit yourself to the recipe on the back of the box; check
I look at how high up the batter is when it is raw and poured into the pan. Let's say half, then I would make enough batter to do that same amount. My husband took a measuring cup
Answer 1. If you're talking cups of batter, then I don't know. cupcakes - about 24-30. or. 1 rectangle cake (13x9 in. or. 2 round or square cakes-layers-8x8 in, or 9x9 in) Answer
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