How Many Cups of Chopped Peaches Does It Take to Make 1 Pound?


It will take about two cups of fresh chopped peaches to equal one pound. Two to three medium peaches equal a pound. Sliced peaches will equal about three cups to make a pound.
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That's a tricky question, because cups measure volume while pounds measure weight. One cup of water at room temperature weighs about 8.34 ounces, or in other words, a little over
There are 60 calories in 1 cup of sliced peaches. ChaCha again!
It doesn't have to be exact. Go w/ I cup and if u feel it's necessary to add more for taste, then wing it. I've been a homemaker for about 30 years and mom of 5. Been cooking all
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About four medium-sized peaches constitute a pound. If you slice the peaches, you will need about three cups of the sliced fruit to make a pound. A pound of chopped ...
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