How Many Days Does a County Have to Pick an Inmate up from Another County in Indiana?


From what I understand moving an inmate from one county to another county in Indiana has no real time line. Moving an inmate from one place, to another place is a mater between the two counties. So it is not about how many days a county has to pick one up, it is more about when the arrangements are good for both counties.
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They can hold them as long as they need to for the state of Indiana to pick them up. Unfortunately in this type of situation you are at the mercy of both states - Oakland could release
when they feel like or when they get around to it.
The answer depends on the charges. Frequently the arresting jurisdiction will want the new charge resolved before releasing your boyfriend to the other state. He needs prompt legal
Thats true and the other county idf they were going to pick him up should have already done so but if it has been past 72 hours hold theres something wrong with that picture they
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