How many days are in a year on Saturn?


A year on Saturn is equivalent to 10,832 Earth days, or over 29 Earth years. Saturn is about 793 million miles from Earth and, as the sixth planet, 886 million miles from the Sun.

Scientists determine the length of a year on Saturn by observing the time it takes to complete a full orbit around the Sun. Unlike the Earth, Saturn orbits the sun in an elliptical shape. Saturn reaches its equinox every 15 Earth years, as Cassini observed in 2009. Saturn rotates more quickly than the Earth. A day on Saturn, a single rotation, takes about 10.7 hours to complete.

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The "day" on Saturn is between 10 and 11 Earth hours long (from 10 hours 14 minutes to 10 hours 39 minutes, with the average. 10 hours 32 minutes. Saturn's rotational speed
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