How Many Days of the Week Shpold I Run to Lose 20 Pounds?


If you are not used to working out, you should start out slow. I would start with 2 days a week and work yourself up to running every day to lose 20 pounds. It is a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting a weight loss and work out plan.
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It's termed as cardio vascular exercise. It includes brisk walking/jogging/running/swimming etc. I usually do cardio for 40-60 minutes at least 5 days per week.though i can't say
If you want to lose 30 lbs in
its near impossible to tell - people lose weight at different paces, theres a lot more factors involved and different things work for different people but i can promise you that jogging
The weight loss is simple. A combination of diet, workouts, and dehydration. I am not that familiar with amateur rules as I work only on the pro level, but the best of my knowledge
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There is no way to really figure that out as everyone loses weight at a different pace. It has a lot to do with your metabolism and how much energy you're exerting ...
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