How many days are there until Spring?


The count of how many days remain until (till) Spring changes every day, of course. The first day of Spring always occurs on the Spring Equinox, which usually happens on March 20. At the time of the Spring and Fall equinoxes, there is an equal period of daylight and nighttime, only on the date of the equinox. Over time, many people have marked the passage of time until the next equinox on their calendars. Keeping track of these dates is much easier now, with equinox calculators available online.
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its 19 more days till spring.
Pitchers and Catchers report for most teams in about 75 days.
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From the day the question was asked, the 7th of April 2013, it would be 28 days to the 5th of May 2013. That will of course change as the date changes.
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