How Many Decibels Is a Lawn Mower?


A lawn mower is about 100 decibels at a distance of a few feet. Decibels are a relative measurement; this figure of 100 decibels means that a lawn mower is sixteen times louder than something 60 decibels, for instance. The decibels of a noise also vary based on the listener's distance from the source of the sound.
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A lawn mower at 3 ft distance can have a sound pressure level of L = 100 dBSPL. Never forget to tell the distance of the measuring microphone from the sound source, because the closer
A lawnmower sounds in at about 90 db. ChaCha!
1. Compare weight, power, cost, safety features, ease of starting, handling and maneuverability, and ease of clipping disposal. 2. Select a push reel mower (cuts with a scissor-like
1. Park the lawn tractor on a hard, level surface. 2. Open the hood, and locate the starter solenoid. Follow the positive wire lead from the battery; it runs back to the solenoid.
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