How Many Deer Are Killed by Hunters Each Year?


Over six million deer are killed by a hunter each year that is in the USA. The hunter normally goes in for the white tailed deer thus indicating that only three percent of all the animals that are killed by the hunters. Deer hunters use the excuse of them being too many so they do not care and do it for sports winning trophies.
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In 2008-09, Arkansas deer hunters killed
130 people are killed each year by deer
Millions of animals are killed each year. Some animals are killed for food while others are killed on accident by being hit by cars and trucks.
I know that donkeys cause a lot traffic accidents in India. A dog or a cow, why even an elephant will move when you horn, but a donkey. Man that thing does not even acknowledge your
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Hunting is the stalking and killing of animals either for food or as a sport.It is permitted in 60 percent of U.S wildlife sanctuaries and national forests. As of 2012,statistics reported that six million deer's were killed every year as a result of hunting.
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